Stunning family portraits
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Stunning family portraits

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Most people are nervous at first, unless you're a model, or an extrovert. Don't worry though, we expect this. We won't jump straight into a shoot, first we will have a chat, show you our portfolio for suggestions, make you a coffee, and have music playing, all to relax you and make you feel more at ease. We want you to enjoy the experience because it shows in the final shots.
The best time for a New Born is around 10 days after birth, however a Photo-Shoot can be arranged for any age. At this age they are still very sleepy and content; after this they start to lose that 'newborn' look. Photo-Shoots can be longer because of the time needed for the baby to settle, but the images are worth the wait. As everything with babies, you can't rush them. We can prepare whilst we wait for baby to settle and get used to the studio.
We find newborn's are happier in the studio in the mornings. If you have concerns about bright lights, our studio flash lights are always on so baby gets used to them, and most seem to find the light and warmth very comforting.
You should bring with you baby feed and clean nappies. We can heat baby feed for you.
The length of time in the studio depends on the package you book and the type of images you would like. We will discuss this and advise you when you book. A single portrait, whether its a classic black and white 'babe in arms/hands' image, or a using one of our many newborn sets and beanie hats can take less than an hour. Other packages can take 2-3 hours.
Most newborns are best shot in their 'birthday suits', however if you have an especially cute outfit you want to use please bring it with you. We have lots of different beanie hats and nappy cover sets you may use.
Please view the Newborns Galley for some of our most recent images.
It depends on the package you book. A standard package is around 30-45 mins, enough to capture 6-8 images. Most other sessions are around an hour long. This is usually long enough to capture many images with different poses. Different backgrounds can also be used, so you can have modern 'high-key' black and white images with pure white backgrounds, or a moody Hollywood Noir style which is darker and more subtle. Whatever your requirements we can offer suggestions and try different approaches.
Newborn session may be longer depending on your child.
Photo-Shoots for Fashion and Model Portfolios are longer and can take 3-4 hours, depending on the requirements and the number of different styles needed.
Anything you like! The best advice is to remember it's your Photo-Shoot, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what you think shows who you are. A simple top with jeans looks great for a casual look, a funky shirt for men, or a smart dress for ladies. Consider the atmosphere and style of your images; contemporary 'high key' black and white, dark and moody, bright and colourful? This will give you an idea of how to dress, maybe simple and casual, smart and stylish, or bright and funky. You can even try different styles if you wish, so have some images that are casual and let your smile shine, and some images that are outrageously funky. It's up to you.
For children we suggest you pick your favourite outfit or item of clothing that will bring the memories flooding back in years to come. It doesn't have to be a full outfit, maybe a baseball cap, 'blankey', or dress.
Yes of course. We have a private changing room where you can change outfits if required and a dressing table.
Absolutely! If your child has a favourite toy whether it's a doll, cuddly toy or something larger like a scooter please feel free to bring it along and we will incorporate it into the shoot. Props like these can be very personal and not only bring back memories for you in the future, but also for your child, when he or she is grown up.
Yes of course. There are two packages available;
Low Resolution. These are suitable for use on all electronic devices such as mobiles, and for sharing online. They are not suitable for printing.
High Resolution. These are images provided at the full resolution and are suitable for printing. You may print them yourself, or use a print bureau. The High Res package also includes Low Res images for your convenience.
Please see the DVD Gallery page for more information.
Booking is simple, just call, pop into the Studio, or use the online contact form. A Deposit will be required to secure the booking.
Please specify your chosen date, whether the shoot is a personal portrait, family, child, group, and give as much information as possible to enable us to understand what you would like from your session. Don't worry if your'e not quite sure, we will call you to confirm your booking and discuss it in more detail.
Yes, after your Photo-Shoot you will be able to view all the images personally and specify your preferences. The images will then be processed and any corrections made before being uploaded to your own personal online Gallery. You can show this to friends, order prints, and even request to see a colour image in black and white or vice versa.
Just note the number of the image in your Gallery and then contact us vial email or telephone. We will prepare your image and frame it ready for you to collect.
payment can be made at the studio or if your'e busy we can arrange payment via Paypal.
Yes we are more than happy to consult with you and produce as many images as you require. As Model Portfolio shoots can be very time consuming we would plan each shot with you, discuss styles and provide a cost depending on the required time.
We have all the facilities required if you prefer to bring an assistant/stylist. If you do not need an assistant we have a policy of asking you to bring a chaperone with you.
We have invested significantly in the very best industry standard photo editing and retouching software such as Lightroom and Photoshop and always keep up to date with latest releases.
With years of experience it allows us to retouch images as much or as little as you like. The most requested retouches are spot/blemish removal on children, and on adults skin smoothing, teeth and eye whitening, and reducing unwanted shadows under eyes.
We prefer not to go too far with retouching to avoid the 'catalogue model' look, but as long as it looks natural we can even make you look slimmer and give you longer legs.
It all depends on you and what you would like from your session. We will shoot lots of different poses and take into account what you want. For a family you may want a variety of shots of each child, both together and group family shots. We will take many shots of each pose to ensure we capture the right expression, smile and mood. You will see each shot as its captured and make sure you approve before moving to the next pose. Once the session is complete we will preview all the images and select the very best to process and present to you as a final image with tones balanced, blemishes removed, etc to ensure the portrait is 'perfect'. We aim for a collection of images with variety to give you a good choice for your final selection, and usually present around 6-20 images. You can then select which images you want to have printed and framed as a stunning showpiece for your home. If there are many images and you want them all you can consider a Montage Collection print.
Not the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us
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Featured Gallery - Chloe
Little Princes Chloe came in with her mother for a Portrait Session and very quickly showed she was a natural in front of the camera at only 8 years old.
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Featured Gallery - Newborns
They don't stay like this for long. View a collection of images in the Newborn Gallery, from classic B&W to cute outfits and sets created in-studio.
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Featured Gallery - Kayden
Mum Alex booked a session to celebrate her first child. We shot a range of images including the one above that is now all over Facebook.
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Children's Portraits
Children are awesome and we love to work with them. Funny, silly, sulky, there is always a great image. View more info for Children's Sessions.
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