Stunning family portraits
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Stunning family portraits

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Prestige Presentation
Our classic FolioBoxes are the elegant way to store and present your images and provide the luxury your portraits deserve.
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Classic FolioBox
Folio Boxes are the classic way to store and present you portrait prints. Considering your investment you will want to keep your original prints safe, away from fingers and sunlight to protect them for generations to come.

Prints are mounted in their own individual mounts, called 'matts'. The internal ribbon allows easy access to your prints without damaging them.

Display prints on our display stands also available and swap them when you feel like a change.
For prices and information please contact us.
Hand made premium quality

Each FolioBox is produced to order and is hand made in Italy. Acid free heavy board is used for the box and is then covered by hand in the finest quality pure linen for an elegant feel. FolioBoxes can also be produced in fine leather.

Each FolioBox can hold up to 20 matts and are suitable for 10x8 prints or smaller.

Matts are produced from the finest extra thick matt board which are acid free and unlike poor quality card have a white core. Available in black, white or cream, each matt has a bevel cut aperture to display your print and provide extra depth.

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Featured Gallery - Chloe
Little Princes Chloe came in with her mother for a Portrait Session and very quickly showed she was a natural in front of the camera at only 8 years old.
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Featured Gallery - Newborns
They don't stay like this for long. View a collection of images in the Newborn Gallery, from classic B&W to cute outfits and sets created in-studio.
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Featured Gallery - Kayden
Mum Alex booked a session to celebrate her first child. We shot a range of images including the one above that is now all over Facebook.
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Children's Portraits
Children are awesome and we love to work with them. Funny, silly, sulky, there is always a great image. View more info for Children's Sessions.
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Gift Vouchers
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Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for any of our packages.

Perfect for a new arrival, birthdays, or a treat for a special occasion. Please contact us for more information.
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