Stunning family portraits
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Stunning family portraits

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The birth of your baby is a special time. Capturing your newborn baby at this young stage of life will record this brief moment forever and give you pleasure in years to come.

The best time for Newborn portraits is usually between 6-10 days old when they are still very flexible and sleepy. After this newborns begin to lose that special look. Sessions are also best during mornings when your baby is more content.

Our studio is heated and we have plenty of props to create studio sets such as baby beds, swings, hammocks, baskets, stork pouch, cocoons and many more. We have a wide variety of blankets, furs and backgrounds to allow us to make any shot original for you.

Newborn Beanies and nappy covers are a great way to add fun and 'cuteness' to your portrait and we have many to choose from:
Modern or classic
Each Photo-Shoot will be tailored to your particular requirements. Perhaps you have in mind classic black & white baby in hands or arms shots or modern colour images such as the images on this page. Perhaps you would like a variety of styles?

You photo-shoot will be tailored to meet your requirements. If you're not sure, don't worry, we can advise and help with ideas and suggestions.

Booking is best done around 6 weeks before your delivery date. This allows us to reserve your studio session and accommodate the usual early or late arrivals.

For further information, or to book, please call, use the
Contact form, or Book here.

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Featured Gallery - Chloe
Little Princes Chloe came in with her mother for a Portrait Session and very quickly showed she was a natural in front of the camera at only 8 years old.
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Featured Gallery - Newborns
They don't stay like this for long. View a collection of images in the Newborn Gallery, from classic B&W to cute outfits and sets created in-studio.
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Featured Gallery - Kayden
Mum Alex booked a session to celebrate her first child. We shot a range of images including the one above that is now all over Facebook.
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Children's Portraits
Children are awesome and we love to work with them. Funny, silly, sulky, there is always a great image. View more info for Children's Sessions.
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Contact Us
07921 568368
506 Gorton Road
Cheshire, SK5 6QU

You can also contact us via email or through one of the social media sites shown.

Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest images, comment or chat. Message us on Twitter and send us suggestions for a session you would like on Pintrest.
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Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for any of our packages.

Perfect for a new arrival, birthdays, or a treat for a special occasion. Please contact us for more information.
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