Stunning family portraits
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Stunning family portraits

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Have all your images from your Photo-Shoot copied to a high quality DVD, to share online with friends and family, upload to your favourite Social Network such as Facebook, or even use as a mobile or PC wallpaper.
The High Resolution Package provides all your images at the highest quality allowing you to print at any output bureau.
Before ordering please understand the difference between low and high resolution and order the disc that suits your needs.
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DVD Photo Galleries
Low Resolution
All images are resized to 72dpi, the standard size for use online and displaying on electronic devices. Not suitable for print. Discs are packaged in plain packing.
Hi Resolution
All images are included on the disc at both High Resolution suitable to print at any size even large poster size, and low resolution images to use online as above. Discs are packed in presentation quality packing.
Premium Presentation additional
To order your DVD please contact us.
Presentation Packaging

The finishing touch for your DVD to add a touch of classic elegance for you to cherish. Ideal for a gift or to preserve your memorable day. Hi Resolution Packages are presented in one of two options depending on your choice. Low Resolution discs are produced plain unless requested otherwise.

Standard Presentation
Produced using a standard black DVD case with custom printed insert. The insert will display one picture on the front with your name. The colour will chosen to best suit the image and can be any colour. Specify your colour or let us design it.

Premium Presentation.
Premium Presentation Folios are hand made by Jorgensen using the finest linen. Available in a range of colours with an extra touch of elegance and presented with a mounted portrait inside.
Low Resolution
Resolution is the number of pixels or dots an image is made of. Images used online, for instance our website, are always 72dpi (dots per inch) because screens do not have higher resolutions and it reduces loading times. Extra pixels are not needed so images are 'down sampled'. Low resolution images look great online and on mobiles but are not suitable to print because the quality will be poor. Images would be small or have very large dots similar to newspaper print.

Hi Resolution
Images used for print, photographs, quality magazines etc, are always 300dpi. The dots are so fine you cannot see them but they result in images with smooth tones and fine lines. Our High Resolution images will allow prints to be obtained right up to the largest poster sizes.

Ordering DVDs
If your only need is to use online, for social media etc, Low Resolution is best. If you would like to print images yourself or use a print bureau please order High Resolution.
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Featured Gallery - Chloe
Little Princes Chloe came in with her mother for a Portrait Session and very quickly showed she was a natural in front of the camera at only 8 years old.
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Featured Gallery - Newborns
They don't stay like this for long. View a collection of images in the Newborn Gallery, from classic B&W to cute outfits and sets created in-studio.
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Featured Gallery - Kayden
Mum Alex booked a session to celebrate her first child. We shot a range of images including the one above that is now all over Facebook.
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Children's Portraits
Children are awesome and we love to work with them. Funny, silly, sulky, there is always a great image. View more info for Children's Sessions.
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You can also contact us via email or through one of the social media sites shown.

Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest images, comment or chat. Message us on Twitter and send us suggestions for a session you would like on Pintrest.
Gift Vouchers
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Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for any of our packages.

Perfect for a new arrival, birthdays, or a treat for a special occasion. Please contact us for more information.
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